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It was with a bit of trepidation that a handful of Porsche Club members gathered at the gangway to The Jester,

Port Elizabeth’s very own “Party Boat”- which is fully kitted out with chairs, tables, a fully stocked bar & also braai facilities if you book for a special event.

Some were a little worried about the harbour swells, but it really was a perfect evening. We left the harbour at 6pm & had a leisurely sale around the Bay , there was hardly a swell & once The Jester

Turned round to return , the twinkling lights from PE beachfront & surrounding area were spectacular,

Having a few sundowners during the cruise and then watching the sun go down over the bay was the perfect end to the weekend. The cruise was about an hour and a half.

Really enjoyed by those of us who ventured out. I’m sure we’’ll do this again, and to those who missed it…Ahoy .. what a way to see the PE coastline

Claire Baillie


On board the Jester.(Sun still up)

On board the Jester. (Sun down)

Here is a view on board the Jester looking towards the Board walk and the new hotel.

20 APRIL 2013

The Porsche and Random 4x4 Adventure to see the Steytlerville Follies – 20 April 2013

...and so it was, one rainy Saturday morning, a few caffeine addicts met at their pre-adventure coffee spot. After the usual car talk (and girl talk) we gathered at the home of our esteemed leader, Karl, awaiting the arrival of fellow travellers. A few of our members decided that their precious Porsches would not be subjected to rain and wind, or dirt roads for that matter, and chose to travel in the above-mentioned random 4x4’s Ah Shame!!!!

Our first stop was at the famous Daniels Padstal were we took over the entire shop and ordered the willing and able staff around. Biltong, biscuits and bottles of water were purchased for the journey and the jaunt continued...not without a few giggles when Giuseppe presented Johan with a Castle Quart and a straw!

Onwards to Steytlerville at great speed, well for most people anyway. The “last in the class” couple were once again keeping everyone waiting and even managed to miss a well signposted turnoff. Their very kind fellow travellers rolled their eyes, and waited!

One more short stop under the old South African Flag (EISH!) for a photo opportunity, and for poor Rene to catch her breath after Giuseppe decided to break the land speed record in HIS random 4x4, we were off. (please note that we do not allow random 4x4’s in our pictures)

In Steytlerville we visited car museum/coffee bar were the men got very excited about a replica GT40. We stayed for tea, coffee and muffins and got the low down on weekends in a small town.

The Karoo Theatrical Hotel: It may have been raining cats and dogs in Port Elizabeth, but at the hotel, it was swarming. Charming, playful and everywhere!

We checked in and hit the pub for an hour or two of pre-dinner drinks. After organising some lively 80’s music, sipping gently on our array of beverages and meeting the other guests we were ready for dinner and a show.

The gong was gonged and we were summoned to the dining room/theatre for a delicious dinner. There really is nothing quite as tasty as well cooked Karoo lamb. (The terrifyingly large spider running along my table agreed!)

The evening’s first course of entertainment was an ode to the recycling movement. A very clever musical interlude played on an array of hanging bottles. Cleverly done, sir.

After mains, the main show began. Wow, impersonation is not an easy art and was executed stylishly by our host. The outfits were outrageous and the strutting sensational!

Our pianist is a brilliant and talented man with an amazing repertoire, not to mention a vast selection of glitzy waist coats.

A few of our crew decided to give show biz a try. I shall say no more on the matter, you know who you are!


Back to the bar we went (after a few of clever ladies made sure that their electric blankets were on for later) More drinks and more feeble attempts to get those little balls into the baskets...and yes, I do mean billiards!


Eventually we all made it safely to our cosy beds.

Breakfast was yummy and coffee in demand.

After bidding farewell to a few of the members, the majority of the gang made their way back to Steytlerville to visit the Clock House. Incredible that one man can have so many amazing clocks. A lifetime of collecting...tick tock...

Homeward bound, after a fabulous weekend. Three cheers to the Steytlerville Follies!

25th AUGUST 2013


It’s a winter morning in Port Elizabeth and we are once again gathered at our meeting spot to adventure forth for a cosy breakfast.

Well, not quite; the sun is shining, we are stripping off our layers of clothes and thanking our lucky stars that we live in a city were our winter days are often blissfully warm with minimal wind.


A stunning selection of Porsche’s are lined up, including Giuseppe and Rene’s new Boxter S – a sight to behold. That is one sexy car. There were a couple of interlopers due to unforeseen circumstances: The magnificent Bently driven by the ever elegant Radels and the growing E-Type Jag, just to keep it interesting.(Our esteemed leader was only mildly amused)

We arrived in the country!

Crossways is a beautiful venue with miles of rolling green hills, fresh air and organic veggie gardens. Farm life at it’s best. The open sunny restaurant is wonderful. Freshly baked break, steaming hot coffee and for a few renegades, champers and OJ (thank Jan).

After breakfast we wandered around the gardens and Dietmar proceeded to educate the men on the benefits of growing your own veggies and rearing your own chickens.

One by one we dragged ourselves out of the sun and made the short trip home.

I have a feeling we will be back!